Homeostasis Design is the result of a lifelong quest to live a lifestyle that reflects the abundance and harmony of the natural world while pursuing our love of plants. We started our online plant store to provide a wide variety of plants that fit any lifestyle, space, and budget. We understand that plants bring a sense of balance and harmony to your living environment, and we want to make that experience accessible to all.

We take pride in the quality of our plants and ensure that they are grown sustainably, shipped with care from our greenhouses in Southern California, and arrive healthy and vibrant to your doorstep. Affordable doesn't have to mean compromise, and that's why we work hard to keep our prices low without sacrificing the integrity of our products.

Whether you're a seasoned plant parent or a newbie to the plant world, we welcome you to join us on this journey towards a healthier, more balanced, and more beautiful life. Explore our selection of houseplants, choose the perfect one for your home, and experience the transformative power of nature.

Thank you for choosing Homeostasis Design. Let's grow together!