Ivy Green California


Ivy Green California, also known as Hedera helix 'California', is a variety of ivy plant that is native to Europe and western Asia. It is an evergreen vine that is commonly grown as a ground cover or as a climbing plant that can climb up walls, trellises, or other vertical structures. The leaves of the plant are large and have a glossy, deep green color with prominent white veins that run throughout the leaf. The plant can grow up to several feet long and can form dense foliage, making it an ideal choice for creating green walls or covering bare walls. Ivy Green California prefers bright, indirect light and moderate watering. It is a relatively low-maintenance plant that can thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments. However, it is important to note that Ivy Green California is toxic to pets and should be kept away from dogs, cats, and other animals that may try to nibble on the leaves.